Friday, January 14, 2011 (.org and .net)

Disclaimer: These are just my views and opinions of said site. The following information should not be read and understood as a 'how to' or 'guide' for said site. Also, note the website is a game.

Never heard of Wajas? Then let me introduce you into the world of "wolf" and "dog" like creatures that you can customize the appearance of and breed to your hearts content! The site started off a few years ago with a close and tight knit group of people. Everything was good. I should know, I was there when it first opened. However, a few years down the road, everything went sour. The admin started to care less and less about the users. She pretty much left the scene and now doesn't even do the art for the site. Of course everyone is entitled to a life, but the site is pretty much user ran.

What mods there is have a hard time keeping up with the rude and often times childish chits on that site. I lost faith in the site a long time ago. It didn't seem to be going towards a brighter future, but more towards a meltdown.

Overall opinion of the site...

Well, I think the graphics (images) could use work. There hasn't been a new layout available for you to choose in at least two years. Also, half of the items that are on there are usually drawn poorly, but still make into the site. The lack of the admin seems to be very apparent. I think over all... maybe a post a month. If that. Which, in my opinion, an admin needs to be there more than that to make sure the site isn't having issues or to make sure all the mods are accounted for, etc. I think that lack of leadership really shows in that website.

Also, there is a lot of rude people on that site. You could pass gas the wrong way and they throw a bitch fit! Honestly. It just one big drama orgy fuck and it honestly makes me sick.

What few nice people there is on that site, hides in fear of being ripped a new one by all the rabid, flesh eating, mongrels that is multiplying faster than cells replicate!

So word to the wise... if you play, make sure you don't make anything that would demand attention. Otherwise you may end up in a cluster fuck of idiots!

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