Friday, January 28, 2011

Now Tell Me If this Ain't Steamy!

“If you got something to say fanger. Say it. Or else leave me alone,” She said heatedly to the man behind her.

Grigore lowered his eyelids to hide the rage in his eyes at the word fanger. The woman had balls. He had to give her that.

Then he softly spoke, “What I have to say to you Mord is not for public ears. Nor is what I am envisioning doing to you for public eyes.”

Grigore heard the woman gasp and then watched as she turned violently around to face him. He gave her one of his signature roguish grins when he had her full attention again. Then watched as her mouth opened and closed several times in shock.

This is a small preview from my Novella that will be done in a few days! Then it will be revision time and polish time! I hope you guys enjoy that little bit of naughtiness. This vampire character has me... well... horny for more. *giggles*


  1. Thanks for your entry to my blog hop - I'm your latest follower. And yes this novella has steaming potential ;)Blush! Thanks also for taking along the 'hop' code too - not many peeps bother with that and its great for making hopping around much easier for everyone. Come back every week - I'm going to nurture the hell out of this hop until its uber popular and we meet loads of great peeps. Shah. X

  2. Thankies! ^3^ I typed that up today and quite happy with it. For now. When it comes time for revision, I may not be. Such as the woes of developing writing skills!

    You are very welcome! I saw the Blog Hop and had to hop along! I haven't had the chance to really hop a lot today. Seeing as dial-up really hinders me in how things load, but I do try when I am able!

    Besides I love stuff like this. Review hops, interview carnivals, etc. Cause you never know what you will find! It is like unwrapping a present each time you visit a new blog. At least, that is how I look at it! =]

  3. hi hope you are having a good week. I really need to get my backside into gear and get more work done. Look forward to reading your novella.