Saturday, May 21, 2011

I can hear it... I can feel it...

My muse, thank the goddess and god. I can hear her. The tiny or loud voice in my brain singing the stories of my characters. What gives my books life and my finger purpose on a keyboard. I can feel it... I can hear it. The whole of my being is vibrating with it. Or... it could be that bade Chinese I ate. Either way... writing is going to be a must this weekend and next week.

Also, let me mention vacation. I will be taking one. I need one. My brain has been over fried for a while and I need to, pardon this, but vegetate somewhere and relax. This past 6 (-/+) months have been killing my muse. So, I think a trip to the mountains or some where quiet is needed. I am going to try to do that this year. I need a recharge. My battery has been bleeping low for a long time. I just have been putting it off and ignoring for a long while.

Any way... just thought I would be random today. XD

Monday, May 2, 2011

Yay 80th Post!

Any way, today marks my 80th post here on Blogger. Awesome, eh? Any way, here of late I haven't been writing much. Maybe a sentence or two. If that. Each time I sit down to write at home, I get bothered. Either by my fiancee, my phone going off, or my grandmother needing help. Which sometimes kills the mood to write.

Sadly I can't put up a sign on my door. "Go Away, writing!". It would just be ignored. So, I have been dealing with near constant botheration. Which really sucks. I don't get to write much over at my friend's house either. Due to the constant stomping, yelling, singing, cussing, etc. that goes on. Very disturbing.

So, yeah... right now my Muse is very upset. -_-; I think she is keeping a migraine the size of the Grand Canyon. Which really inhibits my... writing.

However, maybe... just maybe today will be my lucky day and I will get to get some stuff done today. *nods*