Monday, November 5, 2012

Quick Run Down

I have been on a nearly 2 year hiatus. Mainly due to my own fault and partially due to the fact certain people were hindering me from doing what I enjoy. Which is, writing. I love it. I love telling stories. I want to see people get involved with my characters and curse me when things don't go as they plan it in their heads. These are things I would like to accomplish. So, here is a quick run down of things:

-- My Lycki Warriors (werewolves) are getting an over haul. There is several blank spots in their characters and I need to fill them.

-- My Anubians (werejackals) are something I need to better explain.

-- Introduction of other "myth" based characters. These I have yet to even touch on. I know there is a few other types of "myths" in my book, but I never sat down to tell their stories or histories. Which is something I need to do.

-- Decide how old WAA really is.

-- Finish out my histories on my Hunter families.

-- Decide on all the "evil" characters in my story line. Right now, I have several. I think I need to condense them to just a small hand full. Easier to deal with that way.

-- Get to a library and do some freaking research. v.v

Also, I will be introducing some new characters. Some that have been around for a long time and finally decided to quit being so shy. These new characters will tie into the main story line, but most likely will have their own books.