Saturday, April 30, 2011

A Few Side Notes - Death by Nymph... Stuff

A Few Side Notes (aka short description of book)

1.] Breeder - A full blooded Lycan that can only reproduce by traditional breeding methods (aka sex).
2.] Meta - A full blooded Lycan or "turned" Lycan that can only reproduce by biting. Metas are pretty much genetic malfunctions in the werewolf community. They are evil, kill at will, and strike fear in many of the Night Dwellers.
3.] Fanger - A derogatory term for a vampire. Many Hunters and other street urchins use this term a lot.

These are some terms that are in the book. Mostly slang used by Hunters and other factions. Also, there is several different types of Night Dwellers. I just haven't gathered all yet. But, here is a break down of what is in the first book:

Fire Witch - controls fire elements
Water Witch - controls water elements
Ice Witch - controls only ice elements
Dark Shadow Demon - a very nasty type of demon. red skin, bright yellow reptilian eyes, black horns, black nails, and teeth that are razor sharp.
Water Nymph - have some control over water elements, their sexual nature can be almost calming, and full bloods are extremely rare.
Vampire - need I say more?
Lycan - werewolf. two different types: Breeder and Meta.

I will say that MOST Meta werewolves are crazy. So crazy they kill/slaughter innocent people and Night Dwellers. Very few Meta Lycans ever make it through the change and are "normal". Most give into the crazed hungers and other insanities. Night Dwellers really don't do anything about them. Only the "Hunters", who kill for the underground black market, control the population of Metas. After all, they are the only ones crazy enough to do so.

So, while I don't condone killing wolves or even werewolves... I had to give my main heroine an edge. After all, she is a Nymph (well 1/2) and I wanted to give her a bit more oomph. Unlike most others. XD Most authors go the same ole route and make Nymphs... sex fiends. =P LOL Which there is nothing wrong with that, but I just wanted my Nymph to be different.

Any who, that is a bit of notage for you guys. =]

Alabama and Tornadoes

Okay, for those who don't know, I live in Alabama. Wednesday was one of the worst storm outbreaks Alabama has had in a very long time. For those of you with power over the last few days... maybe you have seen the destruction? However, nothing can really describe the total annihilation of some towns. Such as Hackleburg and Tuscaloosa. Just to name a couple. People were scared and worried about family in other towns. Due to some of the cell towers being hit and regular phone lines being down.

Fortunately I was not hit by any Tornadoes, but I was without power a few days. I only saw glimpses of the destruction before loosing power. Then a few more when I got power back. As phones returned, people were regaling me horror stories of the help they offered in the places hit the hardest.

One woman I knew pulled a 12 year old boy out, dead, from a ditch. She said she was there over 2 hours and when that happened. She couldn't do it any more. The site of a young boy, now lost, was more than she could stomach. I feel if I was in her place I would have broke down and cried my eyes out. Before puking my guts out. For the simple fact such a young life was cut so short.

So yes, it is a very sad day in Alabama. Weeks, MONTHS of reconstruction will begin and towns will be rebuilt, but nothing will ever replace the hole that the weather left. Over 200 people are dead and 100s more missing.

I am just thankful to be alive and able to see my family. Also, my prayers and heart goes out to those hit the hardest by these storms.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

The Dark Hour Chronicle Updates

Last night my friend, my fiancee and I brainstormed ideas for this book series. So far, we have the over all plot, how many "book phases" are in said plot, and a way to draw readers into our world. Now comes the hard part. Writing the books. XD LOL

I don't have any excerpts from the first book, but maybe in a few days I will post a paragraph or two. =P

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Death by Nymph - Small Preview

Chapter 1

Holy shit! This werewolf was hounding her heels like no tomorrow! She should have known this wasn’t going to be an easy kill by the sheer amount of money that sleazy Dark Shadow demon offered for its pelt and teeth! Now she wished she could have brought her other glock and daggers. She could sure use them right now.

The worm finally caught up to her and made a lunge for her. She ducked and rolled out the way. Hopping quickly back on to her feet she got into a defensive fighting stance. Being half Nymph had some advantages. She didn’t want to use those particular abilities though. However, desperate times called for desperate measures and by damn, she was desperate! She had bills to pay and a Harley Chopper that could use a tune up. The money offered for this Lycan was more than enough for what she needed now. If only the damn thing would die!

Squaring her shoulders, Alisa caught the crazed Lycan’s eyes and turned on that famous Nymph charm. She watched, as the werewolf’s eyes grew glazed over and began panting with its tongue hanging out.

That is roughly the first 3 paragraphs of the story. Any way, I am going to work on extending it and smoothing out anything I think needs it. =] Just figured I would give you idea of what this book might be about. =P

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Death By Nymph update!

Today I finally heard back from the publishing place I sent it too. I got rejected, BUT I am optimistic. I was planning on extending it anyway. There is SO much more I could add and put into it. So yeah. Trial and Error.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Teens and Romance Novels

**Warning the content below may piss you off. Sorry, but I feel like being blunt. I am in no mood to Sugar Coat.**


Okay, when I was 13, before the big OMG TEENS ARE READING PARANORMAL ROMANCE!!! WTFBBQ!!?, might I point out that Teens have been reading such books for a long time? Because I was 13 in 1998. Anyone worth their salt would know that Paranormal Romance wasn't exactly around back then. I mean, it was, but it wasn't. Most of Romance Novels were Contemporary or Historical. My first Romance Novel was called "Silken Tiger" and was a Historical Romance. It was the first time I read the word phallus, manhood, manroot, etc. All those lovely catch phrases to describe the genital areas of both sexes.

Think about it. 1998 I was reading Romance Novels. So, what makes people think their "sparkling" teenagers are NOT going to pick up a book and NOT read it? Specially given the fact many Teens are into Vampires and other things that go bump in the night. How do you not expect your Teens to go into a bookstore and NOT browse what they are interested in?

Tommy and Lisa ARE going to pick up something that is eye catching and takes their breath away. Sorry, but if I loved to read and I was a Teen... I would gravitate towards those dark, sensual books that were so calling my name.

It is natural. Honestly. To expect anything less or different would be like expecting a tree to turn into a rose bush at your command. It ain't going to happen. The sooner people realize that their Teens ARE going to read stuff like, the sooner they can EDUCATE them on the subject matter.

Instead of blowing things out of proportion and screaming at the injustice of it all. Cause I will be the first one to tell you, Authors need to make some money and if they know Teens are going to read it... guess what? Authors are going to write it.

Also, don't just point your fingers at Authors. The MEDIA in this day and age has been doing this LONG before Authors wrote books that had Romantic Scenes or Sex Scenes in them. Anyone remember Charmed, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Angel, etc.? No? Then go educate yourself on popular media. Go look at past TV shows on Youtube, Wikipedia, etc. Go look at the graphic details of movies, etc. Teens have long been exposed to this sort of thing before Authors decided to put it on paper.

So, throwing a hissy fit over what your Teen reads is Bias in my opinion. If you want a What-Not of a Teen on a shelf, then by all means... take away everything. Books, TV, video games, phones, computers, etc. Home school them while your at it. Make sure they know how to quilt, cross stitch, embroidery, know how to cook, know how clean, know how to ride a horse, address their betters with formality, etc. All that old world BS that went out of style way before the 20s came to be.

Go ahead.. raise a Victorian (or earlier) Teen. I am sure they will love forever for it. That you kept them from society and taught them things that no longer exist. So, when they go off to college and get a culture shock... you will have grandchildren and a mother/father that just don't know how to handle the real world. Cause obviously you lead them to believe in a fantasy of your making. Instead of teaching them about reality.

Good job and good luck.

Saturday, April 16, 2011

How goes it.. fair maiden?

I feel like I am trapped in some cheesy Shakespeare play where the characters half ass know their lines and try to sound like they do with cliche lines of the modern era. Seriously. Today I woke up and every little thing annoys me. All I hear is random old world sayings, etc. running through my brain and now I just want to scream. I have no idea why my brain is repeating such... drivel, but it is. *sighs*

Any way, if you haven't read these authors yet, please consider reading them:

Christina Dodd
Larissa Ione
Gena Showalter

All three are fabulous authors. Each one does my favorite Romance genre, Paranormal. However, Dodd is known to write more than just Paranormal. Just in case you are into something other than the Paranormal.

Besides the author recos, I do plan on TRYING to write one of the many books I am working on. My Muse seems to be a silly and fickle thing. Only wants me to write when I am in that "mood". Half way between relaxed and asleep. It is almost liked meditating with your mind at is sharpest point. Truly a very odd feeling, but I have to be in that groove to write and it doesn't come easy (or often enough).

Training my brain to go into that mood is asking a brick wall to become a wall of wood. Not exactly going to happen. Stubborn brain. Any way, just thought I would update you all!

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Hello World and Goodbye Fantasy...

Okay, I have been ignoring my writing for a while now. With a new job and watching my niece, it felt like I was in a whirlwind of chaos. Not to mention I was the Co-Admin of a game site. Sadly, I am no longer Co-Admin. I got demoted several levels today without rhyme or reason. My "boss" never came to talk to me or even discuss why I was getting demoted. Needless to say I am both hurt and angry at this moment.

So, goodbye Fantasy land and hello World.

I so missed you and your harshness. All your lies and corrupt dealings. I forgot how much I hated you, but now... I must live with you. Joy.

However, there is some semblance of hope. I always have my books in progress and the characters I adore/love. I guess now I can focus more on them instead of the Fantasy land I was trapped in.

Gods, how I have missed you...

Saturday, April 2, 2011

April Fools Passed Safely

This year no joke was played on me and I am more than thrilled. Honestly, I am getting to old for pranks. Even though the kid in me sat in its' lonely corner and pouted because I didn't prank anyone on April 1st. Any way, I hope everyone had fun yesterday and enjoyed the pranks pulled on you. =]

I don't have much in the way of updates or any new books to blab about right now. Maybe in a few days. <3

Friday, April 1, 2011

Elaboration on Current Works


Death by Wolf
Death by Vampire

I haven't officially began these, but I think the next one is going to be Death by Wolf. Which will follow Drake, Alisa's best friend, and his romantic tale. It will follow right after the end of "Death by Nymph", but not after the Epilogue. Mysteries abound!

Of course the last book will be during the Epilogue of the first book. It kind of shows the war going on in Alec's head and how he meets his soul mate.

That is roughly what is going to happen in those to little Novellas.


A Kiss That Bites - I haven't started the re-write on this story as of yet. However, if time allows (and Muse willing) I will be getting to it at some point.

The Dark Hour Chronicles Series - I am sort of collaborating with my best friend and fiancee on this series. I can't say much about the series as of yet, but I think it is going to be a good one. So long as I quit putting the characters in very hilarious situations or letting something extremely funny happen to them, etc.

Young Adult:

The Order of the Roses - This series hasn't even been really thought through good yet. However, I do plan on working on this at some point. I have a very neat idea for a YA and I think the young readers out there will squee with joy. *nods*