Saturday, April 16, 2011

How goes it.. fair maiden?

I feel like I am trapped in some cheesy Shakespeare play where the characters half ass know their lines and try to sound like they do with cliche lines of the modern era. Seriously. Today I woke up and every little thing annoys me. All I hear is random old world sayings, etc. running through my brain and now I just want to scream. I have no idea why my brain is repeating such... drivel, but it is. *sighs*

Any way, if you haven't read these authors yet, please consider reading them:

Christina Dodd
Larissa Ione
Gena Showalter

All three are fabulous authors. Each one does my favorite Romance genre, Paranormal. However, Dodd is known to write more than just Paranormal. Just in case you are into something other than the Paranormal.

Besides the author recos, I do plan on TRYING to write one of the many books I am working on. My Muse seems to be a silly and fickle thing. Only wants me to write when I am in that "mood". Half way between relaxed and asleep. It is almost liked meditating with your mind at is sharpest point. Truly a very odd feeling, but I have to be in that groove to write and it doesn't come easy (or often enough).

Training my brain to go into that mood is asking a brick wall to become a wall of wood. Not exactly going to happen. Stubborn brain. Any way, just thought I would update you all!

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  1. Nothing to do with writing but you must watch this, funiest thing i have seen in a long time