Friday, February 25, 2011

Help With N.Y. Slang? - Slang Website

Slang Website <- Click the link to view website.

I found this website because I mainly do the research portion of this book series I am writing with Winter Yuy. Though, I must admit she needs to do research as well. Only one person doing the research is bad Joo-Joo. Seeing as it might not give me time to write. Any way, reason for the posting of said website is because one of our characters is from New York. I have never been there and I don't always have time to find YouTube videos to watch. Considering dial-up is the bane of my existence and doesn't allow you to do much.

So, for those of you who are from New York or know people from there... I need some good slang terms. You see, this character we are writing is/was.. a thug? I think that is the word best to describe him. He is hard and harsh. Grew up fast, etc. Everything you would expect from someone who has "street smarts". However, I know nothing of New York and the slang spoken there.


If some words are not that polite or shouldn't be posted on Blogger, you do have the option of sending me an e-mail. Just request my address when you comment below.


  1. WOMAN! I'm doing my research, too. LOL. I'm actually gonna contact my friend in Australia about some slang from there considering our Vikky is a kangaroo. XD

    We need to do research as a group. As in, me, you, and Austin. At my house. With cookies.

    OH YEA! Sounds yummy.

    Luff!! <3

  2. Claws are out.Hand bags at dawn! I went to New York years and years ago but would be better help with york uk. Good luck :)