Monday, January 31, 2011

Paranormal Books To Consider

Looks like this book got around 39 five stars and the author is one the best selling Kindle authors. So, that has to say something! Either way, the book sounds interesting to me. Plus, it is a good thing I have a soft spot for Vampires!

This one isn't as famous as the other book. Obviously. However, the star rating is pretty good. There isn't a rating below 3. So, it most be a pretty decent book.

Another book with a high rating. Has 25 five stars right now. The cover is steamy and it sounds like a good one.

Friend and fellow upcoming Author

Okay, I know I haven't blogged much today or the past day or so. Life sometimes prevents me from doing what I need to do. However, at the same time I do not mind. After all, someone has to watch my adorable, lovable niece! Some day I will show you guys some pictures of my niece Reia (pronounced Ray-uh).

Any way, a friend I know outside of the virtual world has gotten interested in social networking. She is a fellow writer and is working on a book series. I will let her blog about it once I get her set up. Man, I should be some kind of Agent or something. Maybe even one of those.. uh.. schedule people. >.> Personal assistant! That is the word I am looking for!

Seriously. I do a lot of the paper work for my fiancee and other people close to me. I even do some minor accounting work. When I say minor, I do mean minor. But, hey. That is my degree. Honestly. Doing clerical work.

I keep getting distracted! Any way, my friend and fellow writer will be soon joining the ranks of Twitter and Blogger. Maybe even goodreads, smashwords, and some other places I haunt. So, look out for and give her a warm welcome!

Oh, just so you know, her net names are usually Winter Yuy or Solitude Whispers. -_^

Friday, January 28, 2011

Now Tell Me If this Ain't Steamy!

“If you got something to say fanger. Say it. Or else leave me alone,” She said heatedly to the man behind her.

Grigore lowered his eyelids to hide the rage in his eyes at the word fanger. The woman had balls. He had to give her that.

Then he softly spoke, “What I have to say to you Mord is not for public ears. Nor is what I am envisioning doing to you for public eyes.”

Grigore heard the woman gasp and then watched as she turned violently around to face him. He gave her one of his signature roguish grins when he had her full attention again. Then watched as her mouth opened and closed several times in shock.

This is a small preview from my Novella that will be done in a few days! Then it will be revision time and polish time! I hope you guys enjoy that little bit of naughtiness. This vampire character has me... well... horny for more. *giggles*

Changing Gears - Death By Nymph - Novella

Okay, I am changing gears for a couple of days! I got a possible Novella that needs attention. Death By Nymph. I am going to be writing a 10k-15k book and see where it goes. Got a tip that eHarlequin has some publishers looking for books. Not every area in their department, but a few of them. One of them is right up my alley! So, here goes nothing y'all! This little Southern is fixing to try her hand at it and see what happens.

I expect a rejection or a lot of red ink splatter on my manuscript! But, you never know until you try! So wish me luck!

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Adult Fan Fiction and Original Fiction

This website I am fixing to blurb about may have some helpful tips for you on their forum. I actually go there from time to time to browse what they have. For example:

Writer's Corner

There is whole lists of different topics to look into. Such as: A To Z Dictionary Of Body Parts And Sexual Acts, Erotic Thesaurus/Name That Body Part, Please!, etc. There is a lot of unofficial guides, but they may prove helpful for those tight spots in your story!

There is several other types of posts in those forum boards. Some are rants and general questions, etc. However, there is nuggets of good stuff in there. So, the next time you need some inspiration... check this place out. Who knows.. it may help you out!

Interesting looking stuff!

Never really listened to this guy before, but I really like the cover of the CD. How about someone look up some songs and let me know if he is any good?

A couple of Kindles and a book. One Kindle has more than the other one. That is the reason for the difference in the price!

Mixed nuts and chocolate? ZOMG! That looks tastey! Not to mention there is a $10 gift card you can buy on Amazon. How cool is that? Would make a great Birthday or Valentine gift!

I learned something valuable today!

Today I was writing to chapter 13 and I was going at it pretty good. Then I checked my blogger. A blog by Poppet really caught my eye. Even though it was on rejection, I did learn something from it! Clumpy sentences! What is a clumpy sentence? Well, here is Poppet's example:

John saw that he had to go to the bar and get himself and Lucy a drink, but he knew that that was an impossible task through the crowd all around them.

That my friends is considered a clumpy sentence and what I got from the blog, it is a big no-no! Okay, lesson learned. However, what does a good sentence look like? Well, once again here is an example from Poppet:

John saw the bar through throngs of people and postponed getting a drink for Lucy and himself.

Now that is a sentence! So, I went through what I had written today and saw several clumpy sentences. I just looked on in horror for a moment and then tightened my writer's belt! I am going to fix this! I saw what could possibly get me rejected and I knew I needed fix it pronto! So, with water in hand and pretzels in the other, I scanned the latest chapter.

I sighed often at how many times I used clumpy sentences. I hung my head in shame and then began the process of fixing this err of mine! I wasn't going to let this get me down nor was I going to let this beat me! I am determined to write this story and get published.

Any way, the moral of the story is. Do research into HEALTHY and GOOD writing skills. Then use those learned skills to polish your work BEFORE seeking out an agent and/or editor/publisher!

Thanks Poppet! I learned something new today and I am going to use it to my advantage!

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Okay guys, I need some title ideas!

Like fo' sho'! My book in progress has a title that no longer fits it. A Kiss That Bites. Every time I hear it or read it, I think vampire instead of werewolf. But, I don't want a cliche title like 'Full Moon Madness' or 'Moon Madness'. Sorry, but those are used so much that I gag. Don't even get me started about the ones that have 'wolf' in the title! Seriously! I want something dark, edgy, and just plain out eye catching. However, for the life of me I can't come up with anything better than what I got! *head desk*

I know that maybe an agent or even an editor will change the title. Obviously they know what sales and what does not, but is it so wrong that I want to maybe cut out some of the work they have to do? I don't mean that in a bad way, but... those people work so hard and have to go through so much B.S. that I want at least attempt to make their lives a little easier. *sighs*

Any way... if anyone out there has an idea... toss it my way.

I Can't Get Enough!

I love horses and I saw that they were making a movie about this horse... I about squeed myself to death! Seriously! I love those horse Athletes like War Emblem, Seabiscuit, etc.

Okay, the name just got me. I mean, I saw it and I was like, "huh?... oh.." I read a bit of the description and small excerpt from the story. It looks rather entertaining!

The cover art on this one caught my eye. The eye color and glowyness of it really got my attention. Not sure if it will be a good read, but hey... it looks fun.

I Hit My First 100 Followers!

Okay for some people this won't be a great and wonderful thing, but I hit 100 followers on Twitter! YES!! Oh yeah... oh yeah... Ahem. Any way, I just thought I would mention that. I think this is the first time I have ever gotten this many follows before. I don't even have this many friends on Facebook or MySpace! Seriously. This has me giddy.

In other news. I hit 4 followers for my WAA blog! My WAA blog is about my book in progress. Sometimes I do snippets, one liners, etc. Anything to get me in the mood to write and just show my over all love of my book. -_^ After all, I have some sexy men in dar!

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Gotta Love Beta Readers (critique partners)

Well, today I got a more polished version of chapter 6 of my book. Now then, the chapter was over 2k in words. I can't stand short chapters. Just an OCD of mine. I got to reading it and the chapter was WAY shorter than what I had originally typed up. So, I stuck it in Word Processor and checked the word count. It was cut quite a bit. Practically 1000 words less than what it was originally. I was shocked and upset. The chapter is now pitifully short. ;-; Only a little over 800 in words. Which caused my OCD to spazz!

So, I added more stuff back in. Now it sits a little over 1k words. Which soothed my bruised OCD. I appreciate all her hard work in finding my errors, but cutting content just... irks me. I think I can understand some of it. Honestly, I can, but over 1k in words cut? *shudders* Most of it was stuff that eluded to other stuff in the story. So, I had to fix some of it. ;-;

I understand that when I find an agent and then if an Editor gets a hold of it... I could be dealing with the same thing. BUT, I just was extremely shocked at some of the cuts and words she put in. For example, she refers to Rupert as a child or kid sometimes. When he is a YOUNG MAN. Early twenties. Even though he is a Lycki and Immortal. It just sounds wrong when he shows his attraction to Agatha (a Jackal that was cursed to be an elderly woman = spoiler!) and vice versa!

All I want to do is face palm and just edit it. Some of the word edits are fine. Like describing certain characters better or movements, etc. I am appreciative of this, but I just get irked over the 'kid' word edits. ^^;

Any way... I need to write more to 13 and add it to the list to be looked at. *sighs*

Paranormal again? Yep, more Book Recos!

Okay, I will admit, I have a thing for cat shifters! Who doesn't? I think they are sexy as hell! So, naturally this book caught my eye and the cover is quite nice to boot! Check it out! Please?

I actually found more of this series and it makes me happy! This is a very good series and I would suggest it to anyone who loves the Paranormal genre!

Have you heard of G.A. Aiken? No? Then sister (and brothers. I know some of you men read these!) you have been missing out! This is the first book in this series and I must say, this entire series has kept me coming back for more! I love these books. She also has a new one coming out in September! I can hardly wait! So, I thought I would get you guys started on something I love. -_^

Today I decided to do nothing but Paranormal. From time to time I will recommend non Paranormal Romance novels. However, I will always recommend at least ONE Paranormal in the mix. After all, it is my favorite sub genre of the Romance genre! -_^

Monday, January 24, 2011

I am a little shocked...

I got on my twitter today and I found these great two @Mentions tweets:

Dearharts aka Eri
Dearharts Dearharts aka Eri
A Very creative blog... check it out... by @AndroliteWrites

PJ Alderman
PJAlderman PJ Alderman
Thanks #MM @AndroliteWrites @TrishMcCallan @SammyWrites @susanschreyer @readmistyevans @DragondreamzPub All great writers!

I am very pleased that someone found my blog creative. I try pretty hard to do something a tad different and offer up stuff that other might be interested in. Also, I am very... shocked to be called a "great writer". I must admit, I blushed a bit. I never been called a great writer other than by close family and friends. So, thanks for the compliments guys. I really do appreciate them. ^3^

More Book Recos!

This time a Historical Romance caught my attention! So far the reviews look good and the description is engaging. If the cover art doesn't grab your attention then maybe the fact that the book is offered for both Kindle and Paperback could.

It is a short story and sets up for the rest of the series. I have seen the author's name float around a lot lately.

A Paranormal Romance that caught my attention. I don't know much about the author, but the cover caught my eye.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Paranormal, etc. Book Recos!

Doing this a bit early today. Seeing as I am bound and determined to write around 40k words today! My book needs to get closer to that "finish" mark so I can edit, revise, etc. it. So, I hope you find these books interesting and I hope to see a review or two on them!

This lady is awesome guys! Honestly! I actually won a copy of Desert Heat and I plan on enjoying it immensely! I know this is not Paranormal in nature, but I just HAVE to mention her books! They look so steamy and sexy... pardon me while I drool! So, if you haven't checked out her books, do so! I don't think you will be disappointed!

This Book is only available on Kindle, but it seems like a good read! She has other books out there of this series. So check go check out this book!

I think this book is being offered both in paperback and Kindle. You may have to double check, but I last I looked it was for both. Also, this book really caught my eye. I happen to love blue and guess what? The cover has blue on it! So it automatically grabbed my attention. If it did not have blue on it, the sexy man on the front would have grabbed me any way! I also read the description of this book and it is a Vampire related Paranormal. It seemed unique and original. So, why not check it out?

Saturday, January 22, 2011

A Big Huge Thank You!

Okay, I got to do a couple of shout outs!

First, to the author of Excelsior! I won a free copy of this book online and I am so far loving what I have read! I plan on reading the rest tomorrow. It is past 2am here and I seriously need to be getting in bed!

Also, a HUGE thank you to Jamie of Twitter! I won a printed copy of Desert Heat! I am so excited and I can't hardly wait to read it. Most definitely going to be checking my mailbox often. -_^

Thank you again to the both of you! You guys made my day. Honestly. It was kind of sour today, but this just really turned it around. As I like to say, You guys are made of awesome!

Friday, January 21, 2011

Interesting Looking Paranormal, Urban, etc. Books

My fiancee actually spotted this at the Walmart he works at! Which is 30+ minutes away from my house and the only Walmart that is closer didn't have it! I was kind of disappointed. The book sounds so good! I actually wanted to pick it up and read it. This will be one of those books, as soon as I see it, I am going to pick up ASAP and read! Maybe you should do the same?

This book is, so far, only for Kindle and it looks smexy! If I had a Kindle, most def. would get this one! I really love the description of the book and peeked my interest for sure! So, if you have a Kindle, consider this one!

One of my favorite authors of all time! Just about anything that Feehan puts out I read and I can't help it! She is a damn good author and I would recommend her books to anyone! So, consider this one or any of her other books by her!

My Mind is a Curious Thing

Okay, tonight I am going to try and get more interesting looking books up. However, first I want to blog about something personal. So here goes!

I find blogging to be a great release for stress and to help my mind get centered for writing. However, I have a lot of questions running around in the old brain and it really dampens my Muse. What questions are putting up that proverbial brick wall you ask? Well, here is a small list of Qs that seem to like to 'hit' me where it hurts most... my creative side of thinking.

1.] Is it okay to post a book in progress on a site that may or may not help you better yourself?
2.] Is it a good idea to get "Beta Readers" for a book in progress?
3.] Once you have gotten that book "polished", how does one go about writing a GREAT query letter to an agent?
4.] Once published, how do you meet the deadlines?
5.] How to over come procrastination when it has been a life long friend?
6.] Is it okay to tell an editor or cover artist that the cover for your book is not what you envisioned?
7.] Is it okay to be a little.. pushy towards agents/editors about getting your book published?
8.] How to avoid 'cliche' titles that just sound bad?
9.] How to write a believable and sensual sex scene?
10.] How to get your name out there when you are a first time writer/author?

Yes, this and more is buzzing in my brain. I have no answers for these. I have researched a lot on writing and tips, but I just can't seem to find that 'right' answer to give me inspiration to... well... write and over come the obstacles in my way. I admire writers greatly who have accomplished this and sometimes I wonder how you guys do it every day of your lives! Honestly, you guys are awesome!

Any way, if any poor soul (or souls) feel like taking pity on me and feel like answering some of these, please leave a comment!

Thursday, January 20, 2011

My Random Book Picks

I do believe I have read this one before. It was such a sexy read! However, who couldn't love J.R. Ward's BDB series? Seriously! That woman has got talent! The book series is of course further along, but if you haven't gotten any of the earlier books, I would suggest at least getting this one!

I little on the pricey side for my tastes, but the book cover really caught my eye! I have a thing for black tigers and this was just drool worthy. Sadly, I haven't read this book, but it seemed interesting enough. Maybe it will be worth it? I will let you be the judge on this one.

This book comes in at #23 in Sales Rank on Amazon and must be pretty highly rated as well. That says something. Of course the price is a bit high, but at the same time the book look so good. It is begging you to pick it up and read it! So why not?

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Paranormal Romance Books That Are/Looked Interesting

I have not read it yet, but it just looked interesting. It would probably be something I would read on a rainy day or when I didn't have a book by one of my favorite authors to read.

I have read this book and I really loved it. I don't know if she has put more out for the series or not, but I would definitely pick it up. It is a damn good read!

Another I haven't read yet, but I happen to have a thing for vampires. So, I will most likely be picking this one up soon!

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Good Evening! (my to do list)

Well, I honestly didn't have much planned out for today, but... I just got the urge to write about something. So, here is some stuff that may or may not show up in my blog today:




Uh, not really sure today. I may pick an author and see what is cooking in the new book department. Or I may pick a random one out my library and blurb about it.

Random Messages

We all get them and sometimes we just scratch our heads and ponder why? I may show a message or two from the places I visit. Sometimes I get interesting things and sometimes I get the most shocking (to me) messages.

I think that is it! So, sit tight while I spam my blog!

Friday, January 14, 2011

Ascension by Caris Roane

Ascension (Guardians of Ascension)


Okay, I just have to rave about this author and her book! I love the concept she does with mixing Angel and Vampire lore into one sexy read! The book is on sale now at Amazon and if you are looking for a good read... this would be the book I would pick. Kept me quite entertained and I really love the cover. So eye catching! So, pick it up today. I don't think you will regret it!

Disclaimer: These are just my views and opinions of said site. The following information should not be read and understood as a 'how to' or 'guide' for said site. Also, note the website is a online writing community.

This website is actually one of the better sites I have come across. I say that lightly only because half the drama that goes on over there misses me by miles! Which I am thankful for in so many ways. I honestly do really like this site and the features it offers.

A few good things to mention about it:

1.] The ability to post more than poetry and/or Books. It has different ways you can publish your creative works.
2.] The editor for your writing allows many different ways to display your text. More than just your basic commands of bold, italics, center, etc.
3.] The ability to host contests. Another good way of getting yourself known and to read some interesting stuff!
4.] The ability to create groups. This is a nifty one and there doesn't seem to be a limit on how many you can create. I have one on there, but it doesn't get much attention. Oh well.

A few bad things to mention about it:

1.] Lack of admins. The owners of this site seem to have WC in the dust. I don't think anything has been updated about that site in years.
2.] Lack of mods. There have been a lot of harassment cases and many other things the could be taken to court over, but the lack of mods allow users to... run wild. To put it lightly.

Over all... the site is a good one. If you don't mind working a bit to get noticed on there. I have been there for a few years now and I am barely beginning to get noticed. Oh well. (.org and .net)

Disclaimer: These are just my views and opinions of said site. The following information should not be read and understood as a 'how to' or 'guide' for said site. Also, note the website is a game.

Never heard of Wajas? Then let me introduce you into the world of "wolf" and "dog" like creatures that you can customize the appearance of and breed to your hearts content! The site started off a few years ago with a close and tight knit group of people. Everything was good. I should know, I was there when it first opened. However, a few years down the road, everything went sour. The admin started to care less and less about the users. She pretty much left the scene and now doesn't even do the art for the site. Of course everyone is entitled to a life, but the site is pretty much user ran.

What mods there is have a hard time keeping up with the rude and often times childish chits on that site. I lost faith in the site a long time ago. It didn't seem to be going towards a brighter future, but more towards a meltdown.

Overall opinion of the site...

Well, I think the graphics (images) could use work. There hasn't been a new layout available for you to choose in at least two years. Also, half of the items that are on there are usually drawn poorly, but still make into the site. The lack of the admin seems to be very apparent. I think over all... maybe a post a month. If that. Which, in my opinion, an admin needs to be there more than that to make sure the site isn't having issues or to make sure all the mods are accounted for, etc. I think that lack of leadership really shows in that website.

Also, there is a lot of rude people on that site. You could pass gas the wrong way and they throw a bitch fit! Honestly. It just one big drama orgy fuck and it honestly makes me sick.

What few nice people there is on that site, hides in fear of being ripped a new one by all the rabid, flesh eating, mongrels that is multiplying faster than cells replicate!

So word to the wise... if you play, make sure you don't make anything that would demand attention. Otherwise you may end up in a cluster fuck of idiots!

A List To Do Today

I am going to be covering a few things today. So please bare with me as I spam my blog!

Wajas (online sim game)
Writer's Cafe (online writing community)

Ascension by Caris Roane

These are today's topics of interest. Each will get their own little blurb blog and I hope you find the information entertaining and useful!


Also, I will be posting more in my Warrior Alliance Agency blog. There might be a few more spoilers in there. So beware!

Thursday, January 13, 2011

A More Proper Introduction

It would seem in the rush to start blogging on Blogger, that I forgot to properly introduce myself! I should feel ashamed!

First and foremost, welcome to my blog space! You will find some witty and sometimes sarcastic things in my blog. I do not exactly have a "theme" about what I blog, but I do however blog about whatever strikes my fancy. Whether it be in a good way or bad way.

Second, I would like to mention that I do consider myself an amateur writer. I know my work is far from being the polished and savvy works of other great writers, but I do strive to improve each day that I do write. My Muse demands this of me quite regularly and sometimes at ear splitting volumes!

Now on to the good parts!

I am 26 years old (fixing to be 27) and live in the Southern portion of the United States. Before anyone asks, yes - I do have indoor plumbing, yes - I wear shoes, no - I am not married to my cousin, and no - I do not sound illiterate when I speak. I have been writing on and off for several years. Mainly poetry, but within the last few years of my life, I have had an insatiable desire to write. It is my hope to one day be published and see my books lining the shelves of a bookstore! Of course I know it will be a long time from now, but at least I can dream big, right?

I also have one mutt of a dog, whom I love to pieces, named Billy. He is truly a mutt in every sense of the word. I couldn't even begin to tell you what he is mixed with.

During my spare time I like to visit random websites and give my views on them. Particularly online writing communities, games, blog sites, and any other site that happens to catch my eye. Of course, when I do blog about websites it is just my opinions and not facts. So don't take it personally if you see your site here one day.

Oh! I almost forgot. I have a deep love for Paranormal Romance Novels! I have read 100s of books by several different authors. I try to expand my collection whenever time allows it!

Well, I think that sums me up in a nutshell. Along with a few extra things included!

Interesting Looking Book

I have not read this book, but the over all title and look of the book fascinates me. I would almost say this book is about self awareness and a journey to become a better person. Or it could be about a character and his/her life's journey. Either way it sounds interesting and I would definitely look into reading it in the near future. I may even recommend this to several family members. As it would be right up their alley.

A Blurb About Mibba

Disclaimer: These are just my views and opinions on said websites. Please understand the material stated below should not be read and understood as a guide or any other type of 'how to' for the websites listed below.

Mibba is an online writing community who caters to people from ages of 13+. Sometimes even younger if you can slip in unnoticed by the mod staff and admins. When you first join the site, you will see the forums are extremely active and have several topics that may or may not be of interest to you. You will also note the handy right column, on your homepage, of nifty features for better organizing your work(s). You almost have that heady feel of excitement as you peruse other parts of the site and take notice of all the activity. You almost feel like you can become a part of the site and post many great works here. However, the TOS and Site Rules makes you pause.

You read that if you speak negatively about Mibba on and/or off the site your account will be banned.

Which brings us to my opinion of said site.

I find the members of the site as follows: childish, cliquish, snobby, rude, bitchy, and even down right cold to new members of any sort. Also, the reading material they boast they read seems to be only limited to Bram Stoker and William Shakespeare. There is very few people on that site who seems to have read more than stated. Also, Fan Fiction of all kinds are to be found rabidly rampant on the site and Original ideas seem more like a dream than a reality. Everything and everyone there for must be of the same cut or else you are shunned greatly for your originality.

Also, the site says they police rude comments bashing the author of their works. I find this statement to be false. I actually had an experience where a user bashed and slandered my work. Trying to rip me a new one. (I laughed mightily at such a pitiful attempt on their part) I brought said comment to the mod's attention. They did nothing of the sort and said the "critique" was legit and there for stayed.

Of course I promptly closed up shop and left the site in whirling dust trails. I find the almost "child like" minds of the site staff and members sad and downright disheartening.

If I could give this site a rating, 1 being low and 10 being high, it would receive a 3 from me.

So to those interested in the site. I would warn you that if you are going to use it, use it only for posting of your stories or what have you and that would be it. Otherwise, you may find unintelligent chits knocking at your proverbial front door.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

First Post on Blogger

This here is my first post. Well, duh. What else would it be? Any way, here you will find me rambling about random things and maybe something serious and legit. I do visit a lot websites during my free time and I do not hesitate to give a thumbs up or down and blog about said website. So, if you are in the mood to read some insightful and sometimes sarcastic blogging... then my blog is where it can be found!