Thursday, January 20, 2011

My Random Book Picks

I do believe I have read this one before. It was such a sexy read! However, who couldn't love J.R. Ward's BDB series? Seriously! That woman has got talent! The book series is of course further along, but if you haven't gotten any of the earlier books, I would suggest at least getting this one!

I little on the pricey side for my tastes, but the book cover really caught my eye! I have a thing for black tigers and this was just drool worthy. Sadly, I haven't read this book, but it seemed interesting enough. Maybe it will be worth it? I will let you be the judge on this one.

This book comes in at #23 in Sales Rank on Amazon and must be pretty highly rated as well. That says something. Of course the price is a bit high, but at the same time the book look so good. It is begging you to pick it up and read it! So why not?

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