Friday, January 21, 2011

My Mind is a Curious Thing

Okay, tonight I am going to try and get more interesting looking books up. However, first I want to blog about something personal. So here goes!

I find blogging to be a great release for stress and to help my mind get centered for writing. However, I have a lot of questions running around in the old brain and it really dampens my Muse. What questions are putting up that proverbial brick wall you ask? Well, here is a small list of Qs that seem to like to 'hit' me where it hurts most... my creative side of thinking.

1.] Is it okay to post a book in progress on a site that may or may not help you better yourself?
2.] Is it a good idea to get "Beta Readers" for a book in progress?
3.] Once you have gotten that book "polished", how does one go about writing a GREAT query letter to an agent?
4.] Once published, how do you meet the deadlines?
5.] How to over come procrastination when it has been a life long friend?
6.] Is it okay to tell an editor or cover artist that the cover for your book is not what you envisioned?
7.] Is it okay to be a little.. pushy towards agents/editors about getting your book published?
8.] How to avoid 'cliche' titles that just sound bad?
9.] How to write a believable and sensual sex scene?
10.] How to get your name out there when you are a first time writer/author?

Yes, this and more is buzzing in my brain. I have no answers for these. I have researched a lot on writing and tips, but I just can't seem to find that 'right' answer to give me inspiration to... well... write and over come the obstacles in my way. I admire writers greatly who have accomplished this and sometimes I wonder how you guys do it every day of your lives! Honestly, you guys are awesome!

Any way, if any poor soul (or souls) feel like taking pity on me and feel like answering some of these, please leave a comment!

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