Monday, January 24, 2011

I am a little shocked...

I got on my twitter today and I found these great two @Mentions tweets:

Dearharts aka Eri
Dearharts Dearharts aka Eri
A Very creative blog... check it out... by @AndroliteWrites

PJ Alderman
PJAlderman PJ Alderman
Thanks #MM @AndroliteWrites @TrishMcCallan @SammyWrites @susanschreyer @readmistyevans @DragondreamzPub All great writers!

I am very pleased that someone found my blog creative. I try pretty hard to do something a tad different and offer up stuff that other might be interested in. Also, I am very... shocked to be called a "great writer". I must admit, I blushed a bit. I never been called a great writer other than by close family and friends. So, thanks for the compliments guys. I really do appreciate them. ^3^

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