Sunday, February 27, 2011

Death By Nymph - Update - Spill

Still awaiting on that rejection letter.
What? Rejection?
Yeah. Didn't you hear? It is always best to expect "rejection" than to count your chickens before they hatch.
What the...? What does chickens have to do with this?
Uh, it is an expression. It means don't think you are going to be published right away. Instead imagine being rejected!
That is a load of crock!
No, it is not. For if you expect rejection, if and when you do get rejected, it won't hurt as bad. That and you can move on, write some more, and eventually get that book published or a book published.
You still make no sense woman!
Dearest Alexander, you are a character of my mind and people are going to think me crazy if you keep popping up like that. Now then... DON'T YOU GLARE AT ME WOLF BOY!
Aha! Got your attention creator. Now when are you going to finish MY story?
I swear Alexander, I can't get nothing done with you around. *grumbles* Fine, your story is going to be after I post this. If I get to post this at all. Specially with all your interruptions.
Fine, I shall leave you alone. After you vow to finish my story!
*more grumbling* Fine, I will. I vow it okay! Now leave!

Sorry you guys had to witness that. Seems like Alexander is getting pushy. He wants his story written. ;___; I am a slave I tell you. A slave! All he wants is me to write and write and write.... *boohoo*

Any way, my post is about Death By Nymph. I am not even sure it will be published by traditional means. If not by traditional means (i.e. publisher), then I will go Indie. That also means I need to get a cover and stuff for the book. *sighs* It is good thing I come complete with multi tricks. I can do cover art (when I have the muse) and do web layouts! No, I am not going offer my services. After all, I don't have a business license. I would need one to do stuff like that.

Well, any way, I do have a cover in the works. Just in case a rejection letter hops into my e-mail account and says Hello! That way I can hop onto places like GoodReads, Smashwords, etc. and see if I can't do this the hard way. Yes, Indie publishing is HARD. Get the memo.

Any way... I think that is it dear readers.

Happy words everyone!

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