About Me

Hey look! I have an actual About me page now! How awesome is that?

I am a young woman who loves to write! I may suck at using commas, but I at least try to use them! I also love to read. I will read just about anything! So, long as the story grabs me.

I own one mutt of a dog named Billy. Who is a complete lovable goof! If you are having a bad day... this dog will do anything just to see you smile and then he thinks it is play time! Silly Billy. ^-^ I also have a bunny I keep in the house. Her name is Oreo. She is a pet store bunny that loves for only me to mess with her. I have not figured this one out yet! But, she is a lovely little thing and spoiled rotten!

Also, I am attempting to write my very first novel. Right now the name is called: A Kiss That Bites. It is a Paranormal Romance novel that deals with werewolves and other beasties. I am trying my best to make werewolves more sexy and steamy. Just about all the werewolf stories I have read... read the same! So, I am attempting to change that with my boys and their Warrior Alliance Agency!

You can read more about them in my other blog: http://warriorallianceagency.blogspot.com I am sure they would love to give you some grief! I know they do me on a daily basis! ^-^