Monday, November 5, 2012

Quick Run Down

I have been on a nearly 2 year hiatus. Mainly due to my own fault and partially due to the fact certain people were hindering me from doing what I enjoy. Which is, writing. I love it. I love telling stories. I want to see people get involved with my characters and curse me when things don't go as they plan it in their heads. These are things I would like to accomplish. So, here is a quick run down of things:

-- My Lycki Warriors (werewolves) are getting an over haul. There is several blank spots in their characters and I need to fill them.

-- My Anubians (werejackals) are something I need to better explain.

-- Introduction of other "myth" based characters. These I have yet to even touch on. I know there is a few other types of "myths" in my book, but I never sat down to tell their stories or histories. Which is something I need to do.

-- Decide how old WAA really is.

-- Finish out my histories on my Hunter families.

-- Decide on all the "evil" characters in my story line. Right now, I have several. I think I need to condense them to just a small hand full. Easier to deal with that way.

-- Get to a library and do some freaking research. v.v

Also, I will be introducing some new characters. Some that have been around for a long time and finally decided to quit being so shy. These new characters will tie into the main story line, but most likely will have their own books.

Saturday, November 19, 2011 Have you heard him yet? This boy should have been signed a long time ago. Why is it he is still in the dark? Yes, I am sure there is a few rough spots, but I know with some help he could go far. He has what it takes. The looks, the moves, and the voice. So why hasn't someone noticed? Any way, if you get the chance. Listen to a few of his clips. I am sure that will make him happy. -_^

Saturday, May 21, 2011

I can hear it... I can feel it...

My muse, thank the goddess and god. I can hear her. The tiny or loud voice in my brain singing the stories of my characters. What gives my books life and my finger purpose on a keyboard. I can feel it... I can hear it. The whole of my being is vibrating with it. Or... it could be that bade Chinese I ate. Either way... writing is going to be a must this weekend and next week.

Also, let me mention vacation. I will be taking one. I need one. My brain has been over fried for a while and I need to, pardon this, but vegetate somewhere and relax. This past 6 (-/+) months have been killing my muse. So, I think a trip to the mountains or some where quiet is needed. I am going to try to do that this year. I need a recharge. My battery has been bleeping low for a long time. I just have been putting it off and ignoring for a long while.

Any way... just thought I would be random today. XD