Thursday, March 31, 2011

Current Books That are WIP and One Finished

Current projects:

Death by Wolf - Novella
Death by Vampire - Novella

A Kiss That Bites (aka Warrior Alliance Agency) - Novel Series

The Dark Hour Chronicles - Novel Series - Collaboration with fiancee and friend

The Order of the Roses - YA Novel Series

Finished Book:

Death by Nymph - Novella (first in 3 book series)

Monday, March 14, 2011

ZOMG! No posts for a few days!

Okay, I know I am behind on posting. Trust me. I know. However, I am going to make one big UBER post very soon. Like Monday soon. I will do some book suggestions and maybe a small review. If I have time, I will update y'all on the progress of AKTB (A Kiss That Bites).

Happy words everyone!

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Elisabeth Maughton - Eternal Guardians

Okay, I just started reading the first book "Marked" and so far I am liking it. Sometimes I get lost in the battle scenes, but hey... don't we all? The one steamy scene I read so far was hot and the way it left me hanging... let us just say I cussed. Any way! My fiancee found these books on sale at Walmart. $1.99 a piece! For paperback and I was like O.O <- That be my shocked face. So, cheap books in hand, I began to read. I am loving the books. Sadly they don't keep wanting to read them until I finish them. BUT I do want to finish the first book. I mean they are good books and I love the first one so far. Just... was hoping for more I guess. *sighs* Any way... check that book series out!

Happy words everyone!

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Update on A Kiss That Bites

Good lawd, I haven't posted about that book in ages. Well, I did decide that the beginning is crap and I so need to weed out of secondary thoughts. Bring focus back on the two main characters. Which means, my 30k+ word count may get cut to 10k or less. Maybe. Depends how much I feel like cutting. There is so MANY essential characters in this first book, that I don't know how I am going to cut it down. Looks like I may have to create books that kind of reflect the current plot line. Like a different POV but not. >.> Ah, I make no sense.

So, that is basically what is happening to that book. Getting a cutting and a re-writing. Which will be the 3rd time for this book. *sighs* I just want to be perfect. D: My poor OCD is driving me crazy. ;_; I have no idea if I will -ever- get this book written and sent off. I just keep tweaking it. *cries*

Okay, enough blubbering. Seriously though, this book will be epic. If I can ever get what I want out and perfect it. Any way, just a tiny update. -_^

Friday, March 4, 2011

I do not follow Spambots on Twitter

As a rule of thumb I do not follow Spambots on Twitter. Why do I need the aggravation? I have plenty of real life people to aggravate me without the help of bots. Of course some Bots are unavoidable and I try my best to block those I find, but I don't always catch them in time. Dial-up sucks. Just so you know. So, if you are on Twitter and like to follow me... please, PLEASE send me a message to let me know you are not a Spambot. Otherwise I may or may not follow back.