Sunday, March 6, 2011

Elisabeth Maughton - Eternal Guardians

Okay, I just started reading the first book "Marked" and so far I am liking it. Sometimes I get lost in the battle scenes, but hey... don't we all? The one steamy scene I read so far was hot and the way it left me hanging... let us just say I cussed. Any way! My fiancee found these books on sale at Walmart. $1.99 a piece! For paperback and I was like O.O <- That be my shocked face. So, cheap books in hand, I began to read. I am loving the books. Sadly they don't keep wanting to read them until I finish them. BUT I do want to finish the first book. I mean they are good books and I love the first one so far. Just... was hoping for more I guess. *sighs* Any way... check that book series out!

Happy words everyone!

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  1. I hope the series gets better. Lots of series do get better after the first book, like 'The Vampire Diaries.'

    I think you would like my book "Oliver's Good Night Kiss," but that's just my very biased opinion.