Saturday, March 5, 2011

Update on A Kiss That Bites

Good lawd, I haven't posted about that book in ages. Well, I did decide that the beginning is crap and I so need to weed out of secondary thoughts. Bring focus back on the two main characters. Which means, my 30k+ word count may get cut to 10k or less. Maybe. Depends how much I feel like cutting. There is so MANY essential characters in this first book, that I don't know how I am going to cut it down. Looks like I may have to create books that kind of reflect the current plot line. Like a different POV but not. >.> Ah, I make no sense.

So, that is basically what is happening to that book. Getting a cutting and a re-writing. Which will be the 3rd time for this book. *sighs* I just want to be perfect. D: My poor OCD is driving me crazy. ;_; I have no idea if I will -ever- get this book written and sent off. I just keep tweaking it. *cries*

Okay, enough blubbering. Seriously though, this book will be epic. If I can ever get what I want out and perfect it. Any way, just a tiny update. -_^

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  1. Yep been there. You are in your own little world and the words are flowing but when you go back and re-read it does not come across as you wanted.Its painful to see your word count go down instead of up.
    My world is starting to settle down now so back to struggles with fiction.