Sunday, February 20, 2011

Voice Actors + Kami Con = Awesome!

I actually had the pleasure and honor of speaking with this voice actor on Saturday. I didn't talk much, because I was tired and my old self kicked in. Shy and ADD as hell. However, my fiancee, my friend Exhiled Angel, and Winter Yuy talked up a storm with this great man! Seriously, if you EVER get the chance to meet him outside the autograph table and he is not in a hurry, do so! He is awesome guys. Really he is.

Kyle Hebert is very laid back and has a great sense of humor. Probably one of the coolest guys you will ever meet.

Any who, my fiends and I went to Kami-Con in T-town Alabama and had a blast. Unfortunately due to stomach problems (dieing rear and other things) I was not able to attend Sunday. However, I am sure my friends enjoyed themselves and probably cussing because we didn't go. Let me say this, I wanted to, but unless someone wanted a new paint job, it was best I stayed home.

There was quite a bit to do there. From autographs to panels where the voice actors talked to a huge crowd about certain subjects. Also, Johnny Yong Bosch was there. So was his band Eyeshine! It was a great weekend event and for anyone who has never went to a Convention like this... you are missing a LOT!

Any way, here is some links to the voice actors I have mentioned in my post:

Kyle Hebert's Website
Wiki about Kyle Hebert
Wiki about J.Y. Bosch
Eyeshine - JYB's band

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