Sunday, February 20, 2011

This Cook is Retiring...

Today has been sort of a bad day. There have been a few spurts of good things happen, but not much to actually cover the crap that has gone on today. *sighs* You are probably wondering what has me upset or what has caused this day to be "bad". Well, a lot of stuff contributed today, but what broke the camel's back is this:

Austin is my fiancee and I love him. I really do. Yet, he has been on male PMS for well over a month now. I have been trying to ignore it and I am trying to just forget his being an asshole. However, this afternoon and tonight just rubbed me raw. It is getting late and my grandmother and I are hungry. So, I contemplate making this bake chicken stuff I made.

I call it the chicken roast. Cause it is similar to a pork roast you do in the oven. With potatoes, onions, celery, and carrots. Very tasty dish. But, we have no chicken, celery and/or carrots. So, I asked Austin to go get the items needed. I was watching my niece at the time and my grandmother's back is bad. Which means I must stay at the house to make sure my niece is well taken care of.

Any way, Austin keeps on balking about going out to get the items and I finally suggest like hamburger steaks. He likes make open face hamburger steaks. Finally, he goes out to get hamburger meat and comes home.

Later he tells me he wanted burgers. *face palm* I am at my wits end. No matter what I do here lately it is not enough. So, now I am off to bed and this cook is officially retired.

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  1. Sorry things are abit off for you.My writing is out the window until further notice. Got a phone call from police 3am thurs to say my nan had not been seen for couple of days but neigbour heard banging on wall.My nan had been on floor for two days.Suspected stroke , bleeding on brain,internal bleeding,kidney failure, hyperthermia. They have now said not a stroke or bleeding on brain.She can not walk and is confused so i need to go up the hospital every day.She told my mum she was dead.Went down well.Hopefully back soon