Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Another Small Preview!

I have been puttering away at this Novella and decided to share another preview. I am almost done with it! Just a few more thousand words and I can polish this sucker up! Here is hoping for a new published author in the coming months. -_^

Grigore tore at the demon and then rid the world of its' existence. He still felt the need to destroy something, but for now he was satisfied. Dropping to his knees, he gently put a hand under her head to lift her lightly up and into his arms. He cradled her there and felt his heart ache in a funny way.

“Hold on little one. My coeur,” He said before softly kissing her silky brow.

Grigore held her in one arm before digging around his pocket for his cell phone. Intending to call his brother and ask him for assistance. However, he belated realized he left the damn thing at their new home on the east side of Cambridge City. Which was in the high-class, suburban side of the city.

He looked over at her bike and saw the condition it was in. No way would that make it to his home. Much less back to the bar where he met her. That left him with very slim options.

“I guess coeur we will have to walk. However, I shall be gentle. No worries little one,” He said soothingly to her.

He knew that she did not hear him and maybe that was a good thing. The woman obviously looked like she took care of herself and probably would not appreciate such soft words. However, he could not help himself. The more he was around her, the more he wanted her to look at him with deep, tender emotions.

Which was utterly insane. Considering they just met a few hours ago. Yet, he couldn’t stop what his instincts were telling him. Which was simply that this woman was important to him and to his future. Sighing softly, he got to his feet with Lisa in his arms and gave one last glance at her bike.

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