Friday, January 21, 2011

Interesting Looking Paranormal, Urban, etc. Books

My fiancee actually spotted this at the Walmart he works at! Which is 30+ minutes away from my house and the only Walmart that is closer didn't have it! I was kind of disappointed. The book sounds so good! I actually wanted to pick it up and read it. This will be one of those books, as soon as I see it, I am going to pick up ASAP and read! Maybe you should do the same?

This book is, so far, only for Kindle and it looks smexy! If I had a Kindle, most def. would get this one! I really love the description of the book and peeked my interest for sure! So, if you have a Kindle, consider this one!

One of my favorite authors of all time! Just about anything that Feehan puts out I read and I can't help it! She is a damn good author and I would recommend her books to anyone! So, consider this one or any of her other books by her!

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