Thursday, January 13, 2011

A Blurb About Mibba

Disclaimer: These are just my views and opinions on said websites. Please understand the material stated below should not be read and understood as a guide or any other type of 'how to' for the websites listed below.

Mibba is an online writing community who caters to people from ages of 13+. Sometimes even younger if you can slip in unnoticed by the mod staff and admins. When you first join the site, you will see the forums are extremely active and have several topics that may or may not be of interest to you. You will also note the handy right column, on your homepage, of nifty features for better organizing your work(s). You almost have that heady feel of excitement as you peruse other parts of the site and take notice of all the activity. You almost feel like you can become a part of the site and post many great works here. However, the TOS and Site Rules makes you pause.

You read that if you speak negatively about Mibba on and/or off the site your account will be banned.

Which brings us to my opinion of said site.

I find the members of the site as follows: childish, cliquish, snobby, rude, bitchy, and even down right cold to new members of any sort. Also, the reading material they boast they read seems to be only limited to Bram Stoker and William Shakespeare. There is very few people on that site who seems to have read more than stated. Also, Fan Fiction of all kinds are to be found rabidly rampant on the site and Original ideas seem more like a dream than a reality. Everything and everyone there for must be of the same cut or else you are shunned greatly for your originality.

Also, the site says they police rude comments bashing the author of their works. I find this statement to be false. I actually had an experience where a user bashed and slandered my work. Trying to rip me a new one. (I laughed mightily at such a pitiful attempt on their part) I brought said comment to the mod's attention. They did nothing of the sort and said the "critique" was legit and there for stayed.

Of course I promptly closed up shop and left the site in whirling dust trails. I find the almost "child like" minds of the site staff and members sad and downright disheartening.

If I could give this site a rating, 1 being low and 10 being high, it would receive a 3 from me.

So to those interested in the site. I would warn you that if you are going to use it, use it only for posting of your stories or what have you and that would be it. Otherwise, you may find unintelligent chits knocking at your proverbial front door.

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