Saturday, April 23, 2011

Death by Nymph - Small Preview

Chapter 1

Holy shit! This werewolf was hounding her heels like no tomorrow! She should have known this wasn’t going to be an easy kill by the sheer amount of money that sleazy Dark Shadow demon offered for its pelt and teeth! Now she wished she could have brought her other glock and daggers. She could sure use them right now.

The worm finally caught up to her and made a lunge for her. She ducked and rolled out the way. Hopping quickly back on to her feet she got into a defensive fighting stance. Being half Nymph had some advantages. She didn’t want to use those particular abilities though. However, desperate times called for desperate measures and by damn, she was desperate! She had bills to pay and a Harley Chopper that could use a tune up. The money offered for this Lycan was more than enough for what she needed now. If only the damn thing would die!

Squaring her shoulders, Alisa caught the crazed Lycan’s eyes and turned on that famous Nymph charm. She watched, as the werewolf’s eyes grew glazed over and began panting with its tongue hanging out.

That is roughly the first 3 paragraphs of the story. Any way, I am going to work on extending it and smoothing out anything I think needs it. =] Just figured I would give you idea of what this book might be about. =P

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  1. Normally I'm against the killing of werewolves, or of wolves in any form, but this is a great beginning!