Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Hello World and Goodbye Fantasy...

Okay, I have been ignoring my writing for a while now. With a new job and watching my niece, it felt like I was in a whirlwind of chaos. Not to mention I was the Co-Admin of a game site. Sadly, I am no longer Co-Admin. I got demoted several levels today without rhyme or reason. My "boss" never came to talk to me or even discuss why I was getting demoted. Needless to say I am both hurt and angry at this moment.

So, goodbye Fantasy land and hello World.

I so missed you and your harshness. All your lies and corrupt dealings. I forgot how much I hated you, but now... I must live with you. Joy.

However, there is some semblance of hope. I always have my books in progress and the characters I adore/love. I guess now I can focus more on them instead of the Fantasy land I was trapped in.

Gods, how I have missed you...

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