Saturday, April 30, 2011

A Few Side Notes - Death by Nymph... Stuff

A Few Side Notes (aka short description of book)

1.] Breeder - A full blooded Lycan that can only reproduce by traditional breeding methods (aka sex).
2.] Meta - A full blooded Lycan or "turned" Lycan that can only reproduce by biting. Metas are pretty much genetic malfunctions in the werewolf community. They are evil, kill at will, and strike fear in many of the Night Dwellers.
3.] Fanger - A derogatory term for a vampire. Many Hunters and other street urchins use this term a lot.

These are some terms that are in the book. Mostly slang used by Hunters and other factions. Also, there is several different types of Night Dwellers. I just haven't gathered all yet. But, here is a break down of what is in the first book:

Fire Witch - controls fire elements
Water Witch - controls water elements
Ice Witch - controls only ice elements
Dark Shadow Demon - a very nasty type of demon. red skin, bright yellow reptilian eyes, black horns, black nails, and teeth that are razor sharp.
Water Nymph - have some control over water elements, their sexual nature can be almost calming, and full bloods are extremely rare.
Vampire - need I say more?
Lycan - werewolf. two different types: Breeder and Meta.

I will say that MOST Meta werewolves are crazy. So crazy they kill/slaughter innocent people and Night Dwellers. Very few Meta Lycans ever make it through the change and are "normal". Most give into the crazed hungers and other insanities. Night Dwellers really don't do anything about them. Only the "Hunters", who kill for the underground black market, control the population of Metas. After all, they are the only ones crazy enough to do so.

So, while I don't condone killing wolves or even werewolves... I had to give my main heroine an edge. After all, she is a Nymph (well 1/2) and I wanted to give her a bit more oomph. Unlike most others. XD Most authors go the same ole route and make Nymphs... sex fiends. =P LOL Which there is nothing wrong with that, but I just wanted my Nymph to be different.

Any who, that is a bit of notage for you guys. =]

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